Top 5 Brightest Flashlights on the Market

Choosing the best flashlight in the market is a tedious task given the array of varieties out there in the market. Torches come in varying qualities and each quality suits each one of us depending on our needs.

To come up with a list of the top five flashlights, we researched a list of up to 200 flashlights in the market, tested each one of them in various categories and narrowed down our list to five of the best. We tested each one of them against a benchmark of tactical as well as rechargeable features.

1. ANKER-LC90-LED Flashlight

We chose this flashlight as the best because of its many features that suit any work. Its features include an extremely bright CREE LED, with a variety of settings and zoomable features as well as a tough built.

The flashlight is rechargeable, solidly made, waterproof and adjustable. Its versatile nature gives a ninety-nine percent rating given its five different settings and zoomable features that tune the beam from broad to narrow. The settings include low, medium, high, strobe and SOS.

From night emergencies, camping to mining; this one is your best spotlights. Its durability is guaranteed by the shock resistant nature. A six-hour run time and the same duration for recharging makes sure you will not be in the dark when you need your torch.

2. ALUMITACT x700 Tactical Flashlight

The x700 Tactical LED Flashlight is perhaps the best flashlight in the market. It is one of the latest releases and comes with state-of-the-art technology. It is made from aircraft aluminum with an x2000 zooming capability. Rated as a high-performance military grade tactical flashlight, it is the most versatile light you can have in your hands. It Features 700 lumens of light designed for night defense and watching. It runs on 3AA batteries and has five setting modes. With this one, all the dark section in your way will be illuminated and you cannot miss a needle in the sand.

3. The Nite-Core Tiny-Monster (TM26)

This tiny compact but highly portable powerful flashlight features 4000 lumens of light. The device has a built-in thermal resistant circuit and a steel bezel ring. The big surprise is the fact that it is submersible up to 2 meters. It features eight setting modes, which regulate its beam from sharp, narrow, wide and sharp. It weighs 1.7 Pounds, which makes it very portable and can comfortably fit in your pocket.

4. The Stream-Light 88060

This flashlight combines a lot of quality features that contribute towards its versatility and flexibility. These features include 2,200 lumens, a safely sealed construction to protect it from water, dust, and dirt as well as durable design. It is compatible with most rechargeable batteries and ensures 2.5 hours of run time. An anodized black finish facilitates its grip and has an ambidextrous switch.  The flashlight could run on both the CR123A and the 18650 Li-ion rechargeable phones.  That is a big plus and futuristic feature that will resonate with most of us. This is what increases its versatility. This flashlight is suitable for hiking and friendlier to a security guard. But that does not lock anyone out of owning this versatile piece.  If you want to learn more about really bright flashlights, there are a lot of great reviews out there

5. Fenix (PD35) TAC-Edition

This one is a light-weight pocket-sized and powerful torch. It is considered the most durable flashlight because of its CREE LED that has a lifespan of 50000 hours. The flashlight has 1000 lumens of light and powers extremely bright flashlight than most 2000 lumens. Its building material contributes to its durability given the aircraft grade aluminum with an anodized anti-abrasive lining. It uses 18650 rechargeable batteries. It could also run on a 3V CR123A, which provides it with some level of flexibility. The Fenix is also waterproof and submersible up to 6.5 feet in water. The battery has a run-time of 140 hours on Eco mode and one hour on regular mode.

Bottom Line 

Given the above list, it is essential to review your needs to arrive towards your best flashlight.  Most people purchase flashlights at random without paying much attention to its features. However, it is recommended to assess your situation and choose a perfect flashlight that will not only shine your light in darkness but also watch out for your dog at night. I hope you will not be making a purchasing mistake anymore now that you know the best flashlights in the market today.  Amazon is a great place to get these recommended lights!