You may have seen the first commercials for the new 4k Ultra HDTV by Sony. There is one with a film maker talking about the new future of tv and how movies can now come to life in your living room, how you will be able to view movies as if you were the cinematographer yourself. There is also a clever one with animals interacting with the animals on the tv screen because the picture quality is so clear and visually detailed that it can be mistaken for real life.
These modern, slim tvs look to be the new, hottest thing in television technology. A 4k TV has the best picture quality on the market today. They feature a special technology called Triluminos, which shows a wider variety of color than a standard HDTV making the picture really come to life in a clear and vibrant way. The 4k TV has four times the amount of pixels than an HDTV which is what makes the picture quality so amazing and real. 


Sony was the first company to feature the 4k TVs. They started off at an unobtainable price of $25,000! They looked so impressive, but most everyone knew they would never be able to afford one, and were just waiting for the day the prices would begin to drop. The screen sizes are no longer as big screen as the first one that was launched. Now other companies are bringing out the competition as they announce their new 4k tvs. Samsung has some impressive, curved 4ks that really draw you into the screen almost like a mini theater. Toshiba, and LG have also come out with their own versions. Even the affordable Vizio line of televisions offers a 4k tv that is actually affordable and high quality. You can now own one for less than $1,000 and it comes equipped with the smart technology to be able to stream Netflix and Amazon 4k shows right into your living room.
The 4k technology looks as if it is going to replace the way we watch tv today. There are now 4k capability movie and video cameras. When a movie is filmed in 4k and then shown on a 4k tv the results are nothing short of breathtaking. If you are looking to purchase a new tv in the near future you may went to set your sights on the new 4k. 4k Blue Ray Discs are starting to come out now as well as specific shows on Netlfix and Amazon. Movies are beginning to be filmed this way and pretty soon more and more tv channels will have the 4k capability. The 4k tv seems to be the television of the future.